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Featured Projects

View a sampling of PRESTO's projects below. Our portfolio includes a wide-range of project types and collaborators, so please reach out to us if you're interested in learning more. 

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TRANSFORM Curriculum Revision

Full review and revision of TRANSFORM social protection course modules ensuring the integration of gender-responsive and disability-inclusive best practices into eight modules: legal framework, administration, financing & financial management, selection & identification, coordination, governance, monitoring & evaluation, and management information systems & approaches to data integration. 

Systematic Review of Cash Plus or Bundled Interventions Targeting Adolescents in Africa to Reduce HIV Risk

We conducted a systematic review to summarize the evidence on bundled interventions combining health and economic strengthening components for adolescents and young people and their effects on HIV/STI incidence and risk factors.

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Mapping Gender and Social Protection Data

Conducted a rapid mapping exercise aimed at understanding current efforts of global development agencies in collecting and analysing sex disaggregated data in social protection systems and identifying priority gaps.

Integrating Gender into Household Surveys: Recommendations for National Statistics Offices

Synthesized recommendations for data collection in country-level, household surveys to improve sex-disaggregated data collection and accessibility to reduce gender data gaps on social protection.

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